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Lessons from odisha super cyclone for kerala floods. Orissa super cyclone of october 1999 as revealed by irsp4. It is also evident that coastal inundation extends until the northern boundary of the state balasaore which is around 150 km from the storm center. Revisiting the super cyclone that hit odisha in 1999 fears of phailin have evoked memories of a cyclonic storm in 1999, when winds reaching speeds of 300 kph battered odisha for 30 hours. Cyclone phailin is not over yet, and orissa is not all about bhubaneswar. Revisiting the super cyclone that hit odisha in 1999. On 1718 october 1999, 5 districts of the state of orissa in india were hit by a cyclone, and on 29 october another, exceptionally strong cyclone supercyclone devastated a large portion of the state. Report on recovery and reconstruction following the orissa. Pdf mental health consequences of the trauma of super. Even though 11 years have passed since the deadly disaster struck orissa, the tragedy still. Observed track of the orissa super cyclone 1999 during 25 31 october 1999. Prediction of storm surge and coastal inundation using.

Fourteen years later, the same area was hit by cyclone phailin, which despite its severity, claimed relatively few lives. On 1718 october 1999, odisha, an indian state was affected by a super cyclone wind velocity of 270300 kmh which killed more than 10,000 people. An overview the super cyclone which odisha faced on 29th oct 1999 with a wind speed of more than 300 k. Odisha also set up the odisha state disaster management authority, which was the first. Cyclone fani is in many ways reminiscent of the devastating super cyclone that lashed odisha twenty years back in 1999.

In this study a nonhydrostatic version of penn state university psu nationalcenter for atmospheric research ncar mesoscale model is used to simulate thesuper cyclonic storm that crossed orissa coast on 29 october 1999. The winds caused asevenmetre tidal wave that swept more than 20 km inland and brought massive destruction and death to a number of coastal districts in the state of. The super cyclone made landfall in paradip around noon on october 29, 1999. Fani was stronger than 1999 super cyclone in odisha. Speaking to english daily hindustan times, hrusikesh panda, officer in charge of the weather office, said that fani was possibly as strong as the 1999 super cyclone. After the cyclone of 18 october and the supercyclone of 29 october hit the state of orissa, 14 districts out of 30 were. On october 29, 1999, a super cyclone with a wind speed of 300 mph had struck odisha, making it probably the greatest cyclonic disaster ever recorded in the last century. The 1999 odisha cyclone imd designation bob 06, jtwc designation 05b was the most intense recorded tropical cyclone in the north indian ocean and among the most destructive in the region. In 1999, odisha, india was struck by a super cyclone featuring an unprecedented storm surge and torrential rainfall that resulted in widespread devastation and a substantial loss of life. Even as this cyclone did not prove to be as catastrophic as the 99 one, we must not undermine. Anemometer failed to read wind speed of super cyclone in 1999.

Numerical simulations are performed using the penn state university national center for atmospheric research mesoscale model mm5 to study the impact of initial conditions on the super cyclone which hit the coast of orissa in 1999. The model isintegrated up to 123 h for producing 5day forecast of the storm. Several importantfields including sea level pressure, horizontal wind and rainfall. When meteorologists reported that cyclone phailin was heading towards the states of odisha and. Crisp news summaries and articles on current events about 1999 super cyclone for ibps, banking, upsc, civil services. Because analysis of the cyclone s circulation was inadequate in the initial fields owing to the coarse resolution of the operational analysis systems and sparse. The 1999 super cyclone possesses a ghastly record when it comes to casualty figures. Study on super cyclone in orissa 1999 with special. Next came the severe cyclonic storm on 1718th october 1999, which hit the coastal district causing widespread and unprecedented damages to life and property. The super cyclone had a wind speed of more than 300 kmph. An anemometer installed at the weather monitoring station on puri sea beach broke after registering gust having speed of 274 kmph, said panda.

Orissa cyclone 30 october 2001 the context a violent cyclone hit indias eastern coast on friday, 29 october 1999. Life cycle of this su per cyclonic storm from its genesis to landfall is studied using irsp4 satellite derived parameters over the oceanic region. The orissa cyclone 1999 was so severe, so ferocious and so devastating that hardly anybody could believe by simple talking. Super cyclone wreaks havoc in india a massive cyclone has swept through the state of orissa in eastern india, killing an unknown number of people and leaving thousands more homeless. First the state experienced a severe flood in the august, 1999 affecting six coastal blocks. The extent of the damage is difficult to determine. For the survivors of 1999s super cyclone in odisha, polls. English situation report on india about tropical cyclone. Only a victim could realize what was that a super cyclone in reality.

Measuring the performance of a welfare state december 9, 1946, for instance, nehru said, a constitution, if it is out of touch with peoples life, aims and aspirations, becomes rather empty. Mental health consequences of the trauma of supercyclone. Cyclone fani, which will make landfall in south puri, is expected to be the worst storm since the super cyclone of 1999 that claimed close to 10,000 lives. In 1999, before the super cyclone struck, the orissa had 21 shelters. Simulation of orissa super cyclone 1999 using psuncar. The super cyclone in 1999 led to active stakeholder participation. Polls come and go, but the pain of victims of odisha s super cyclone is yet to abate even two decades after the natural disaster, with a large number of them still struggling to rebuild their lives. On 29 october, the cyclone made landfall near the city of bhubaneswar, in the state of orissa, india. The psychiatric sequelae of the supercyclone was studied using a semistructured proforma for disaster experience, self reporting questionnaire, impact of event scale, post traumatic symptoms scale, hopelessness scale, suicidality screening questionnaire. Depending on the wind speed strength and distribution, the southern belt of coastal odisha was the least affected during 1999 odisha super cyclone. The 1999 odisha cyclone, also known as cyclone 05b, and paradwip cyclone, was the deadliest tropical cyclone in the indian ocean since the 1991 bangladesh cyclone, and deadliest indian storm since 1971.

Super cyclone, gale force winds, microwave images, rmr, qlm, storm surge, disaster management. On october 29, 1999, a super cyclone slammed into odisha, then known as orissa. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. The super cyclone, which battered the odisha coast on october 29, 1999, had killed many, mostly in the jagatsinghpur and kendrapara districts. These initiatives, im sure, would go a long way in saving lives and keeping other losses under control the way it happened in odisha where the number of casualties went down, from as high as 9,885 in the super cyclone in 1999, to 45 in cyclone phailin and the subsequent floods in 20, and 61 in the recent cyclone. Cyclone track as captured in the t80 analysis is also shown ii computation of bogus vortex and blending with the modified background field the scheme uses the input. A succession of severe natural disasters has wreaked havoc in the povertyridden state of orissa. If it no longer meets these criteria, you can reassess it. Latest current affairs in april, 2020 about 1999 super cyclone. Severe tropical cyclone are very destructive winds with a speed of 165 224 kmh. Ratnamani lost her husband in the october 29, 1999 super cyclone. This second cyclone caused severe damage in 14 of the 30 districts of orissa. Back then a super cyclone killed more than 15,000 people, mostly in odisha, and ended up disrupting the lives of 20 million others. While odisha had the first impact of a super cyclone way back on october 712, 1737, another super cyclone crossed the states coast at the false point on september 22, 1885 and took a toll of.

What are the unknown tragic 1999 odisha super cyclone. The intensity of the catastrophic storm the cyclone came with winds of up to 260 kmph. Maximum sustained surface wind speeds at landfall were estimated at 260 kmh 162 mph, and the minimum central pressure was estimated to be 912 mb hpa. On october 29, 1999 a super cyclone struck odisha, causing widespread destruction, with at least 10,000 lives lost and an estimated 1. Odisha braces for fani, worst since 1999 super cyclone. Odisha state disaster management authority osdma was earlier named as orissa state disaster mitigation authority. With another very severe cyclonic storm looming over the state, it was recalled that so high was the wind speed of the super cyclone that ravaged odisha in 1999 that the anemometers at the imd and paradip had failed to record it. Mental health consequences of the trauma of super cyclone 1999 in orissa. It was first detected when it was at its low press. Linking disaster management to livelihood security against tropical. A supercyclone hit 12 coastal districts of orissa in october 1999 and caused over 20,000 deaths and a considerable damage to property. Today, before cyclone fani struck, the state had readied nearly 900 cyclone shelters. The orissa super cyclone 1999 asian disaster reduction center report on recovery and reconstruction following the orissa super cyclone in october 1999 anil kkumar sinha senior technical advisor, asian disaster reduction center orissa witnessed a series of major natural disasters in 1999.

It was probably the greatest cyclonic disaster ever recorded in the last century. On october 29 friday 1999, a super cyclonic storm hit the coastal districts of orissa like kendrapara, jagatsinghpur, jajpur, bhadrak, some parts of puri and khurda and adjacent areas along the bay of bengal with a velocity of more than 300 kmph. Pdf numerical simulation of a super cyclonic storm. Orissa super cyclone situation report 9 india reliefweb. Winds of up to 260kph 155 mph raged for over 36 hours. Orissa victims recount october 29, 1999 super cyclone.

Otv being the first private satellite tv channel in odisha carries the onus of charting a course that behoves its pioneering efforts. The 1999 odisha cyclone organized into a tropical depression in the andaman sea on 25 october, though its origins could be traced back to an area of. Pdf simulation of orissa super cyclone 1999 using psu. Introduction in the recorded history of cyclones for the state of orissa, the super cyclone of 2930 october, 1999 was undoubtedly the most intense one. This essay examines the reasons for the starkly different death tolls and considers. Memorandum on damages caused by the super cyclonic storm of rarest severity in the state of odisha on 29th30th october, 1999.

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